Why I always add these 6 healthy superfood-powders to my smoothie

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It’s common knowledge that our soil is different from what it was. It’s nowhere near as nutritious as it was, which means that everything we grow in it has less health benefits. That’s why I work with supplements or superfoods. These are my six favorite superfoods. 

Breathing App: what happens when Eddie Stern & Deepak Chopra launch an app

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Our modern life can be quite stressful and we can be concerned with the every day stuff so much that we forget to tune in. With that in mind, famous yogi Eddie Stern (o.a. yoga teacher of Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Chris Martin) and New York Times bestseller Deepak Chopra decided to work together to create an easy tool which brings us calmness and peace of mind.

The beginners guide to going vegan

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Because of the growing amount of accessible information about the food industry, lots of people are interested in conscious living and eating. More people want to switch to a plant based lifestyle after watching documentaries or reading books about the connection between health, sustainability and the way we eat.

When I started eating vegan, I made some ‘mistakes’. But you don’t have to! So here’s what I learned after going vegan.