Feeling comfortable is the new sexy

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Free spirited ladies, can I get your attention for the following? Are you the type of woman that – after a days work – comes home, takes off pretty much everything she’s wearing (socks, tight pants and especially: her bra)? Well, so do I. I’m the kind of gal that prefers Summer, not just because of the weather and lovely atmosphere but also because I can walk around bare footed, in dreamy dresses and in comfortable soft bra’s or even without a bra.

Painting in the sloggi ZERO Feel collection with Nathalie

But when your chest isn’t non-existent, walking around without a bra can sometimes be annoying, hurtful and drawing¬† certain attention. Which leaves me ending up wearing a bra most of the time anyway. Well, ladies, I’ve got good news for you like-minded ladies. Sloggi just invented something brilliant!

Tadaa, the ZERO Feel collection!

Especially for the ladies that hate to be uncomfortable for the sake of fashion, sloggi just launched the ZERO Feel Collection! Because looking good doesn’t have to be painful. Sloggi decided it was time for a new type of bra. No stinging bra braces, no hurting bra straps, but a bra that feels extremely comfortable – almost like you’re not wearing any – without feeling uncomfortable about going outside. Because being comfortable is the new sexy. How great is that?

A new era

Can you imagine that women used to walk around in super tight corsets, so they would fit in the ideal beauty image? And while were on this topic, can we talk about push up bra’s? That’s one thing I don’t understand. Why would you want to have your boobs up in your neck? I’m so grateful to be part of the generation that fights stereotypical beauty images. Hashtags like #bodyconfidence and #bodypositivity are booming and that makes me so proud. After all, it’s not all about the looks. It’s about how you feel, what your goals are, what you leave behind and how you go through life.

Painting in the sloggi ZERO Feel collection with Nathalie

Feeling comfortable is the new sexy

I don’t know about you, but when I feel uncomfortable you can definitely tell by my body language. So forget those corsets and push up bra’s. For me, it’s function over style. And that doesn’t mean I walk in my yoga pants and big sweater all day (although, sometimes I do – that’s what cold Sundays are for, right?). On the contrary, I love to wear items with cute prints and I don’t think my style can be described with ‘boring’. But in my opinion, function and style can go hand in hand. And that’s the perfect combination. Because when something you wear is comfortable, you feel comfortable. And feeling comfortable is a lot sexier than feeling like you can’t breathe or walk. Can I get an amen?

Painting in the sloggi ZERO Feel collection with Nathalie

Don’t forget to give yourself some extra love today. You deserve it. And check out the sloggi ZERO feel collection here.

This is written in collaboration with sloggi.




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