Cruelty free or not? Here’s what you need to know about wool

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A common misconception about wool is that it’s animal friendly. I can hear you think: ‘why?’ There’s nothing cruel about shearing a sheep, right? And there isn’t. But in ‘common’ wool industries, sheep don’t get enough water, the skin around their tales is being cut off to prevent fly strike, sheep are cut during shearing and the wounds are left untreated, they are beaten and kicked and have very little room to move around. That’s why people that (try to) live a cruelty-free lifestyle, very often don’t wear wool. And that’s a shame, actually. Because there are so many benefits to wool. Here are a few.


The benefits of wool

  • Wool keeps us warm when it’s cold outside, but is cooling when it’s hot.
  • It can absorb moisture without feeling wet.
  • Wool is breathable.
  • A bit of a breeze is enough to make wool wear smell great again.
  • On top of that, it is dirt-repellent thanks to its fiber structure.
  • Wool can actually chemically bind sweat and neutralize it for a long time
  • Wool mostly straightens out by itself so ironing is unnecessary most of the time.
  • Wool is hardly flammable.

Is wool a natural product?
Unlike with cows, the sheep don’t have to be killed for their ‘product’. It’s actually a natural thing for sheep to lose their wool, like we do with our hair. Shearing them isn’t harmful, just like cutting our hair isn’t harmful. As long as the sheep are treated well, of course. If the sheep aren’t being sheared, eventually they will lose their wool, just like we lose our hair.

Sustainable fashion label ARMEDANGELS (of which I’m a big fan!) is very aware of the cruelties that happen around producing wool. But they still wanted to use wool, since it’s such a beautiful and natural product. This is how they do it.

Jeans + Sweater by ARMEDANGELS.

The brand pays attention to certificates, but at the same time, they regularly visit the sheep farms to make their own observations and try to find the best possible solutions together with the biological farmers in Argentina. They make sure the sheep are being treated humanely, have a big land to walk freely on and have enough feed and water outdoors on the pasture. They also make sure the farmers they work with don’t use any pesticides. All the wool they produce has to be organic and according to GOTS-Standards.

Sounds pretty darn good, right? That’s what I thought. I’m the proud owner of an organic wool mix pullover and long cardigan. They’re sooooo comfy, I want to live in these items. And they feel even better, knowing that they are made from fair and organic wool.

Jeans + Cardigan by ARMEDANGELS.

I’m a big fan of the label. They don’t only sell woolen items, they make the most beautiful sustainable items. And their jeans are perfect. Nine out of ten times, jeans don’t fit me properly. But the jeans of ARMEDANGELS fit me like a glove. My current favorite? This one.

Wearing an ARMEDANGELS jeans & pullover, vegan leather bag by Denise Roobol.

Want to see more items? Check out their shop,

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