A weekend in Tel Aviv: what to do & where to go

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Israel: the country of hummus, but obviously of so much more. As you know, I love to travel. I prefer to do so by train, because of the environment, so I’m waiting for a sustainable way to travel to Israel. This take, I took a EasyJet plane to get to me Tel Aviv. Here’s what I did.

What to do

Go to the beach

The reason I love Barcelona so much, is because it has a beach and a city part. Well, so does Tel Aviv. If the weather is nice (which is the case most of the time), visit the beach. Gordon Beach, Hilton Beach, Banana Beach: they’re all lovely. Bring a book or go for some paddle ball (called Matkot in Hebrew).

Visit Old Jaffa

Rent a bike at one of the bike rental places on the streets (all you need is a credit card), and follow the boulevard road to Old Jaffa. This cute town has lots to offer, like smoothie bars, cute cafes and (vintage) markets.

Discover bars around Carmel Market

If you’re up for a night in town, definitely check out the area around Carmel market for bars like Bicicletta and Port Said. Tip: they serve warm sangria at Bicicletta.

Go surfing

There’s lots of places to rent a surf or Stand Up Paddle board near the coast line. Check with the rentals if the waves are good (or if you prefer a chilled SUP session, check what the ocean is like) and have fun in the water.

Go clubbing

There are a couple of fun clubs in Tel Aviv. We ended up at Kuli Alma, which had all sorts of rooms: a movie room, a game room, a chill room, a hip hop room and a room with 90’s classics. If you’re in Tel Aviv with just women, be careful when going out. We were accompanied by a guy we met at the surf rental, but whenever he moved two steps, lots of men were around us and the were really persistent and pushy. I wouldn’t have been comfortable without a man with us.

Go to the Carmel Market

This is a big hotspot according to lots of websites about Tel Aviv, but I didn’t like it too much. They sell a lot of unnecessary stuff, but if you’re into that it can be fun.

Where to eat


Get yourself to Anastasia cafe for lunch. The smoothie bowls are very healthy, but not the best I’ve ever eaten but lunch looked and smelled delish!

Urban Shaman

Now this was my favorite place in Tel Aviv. We tried breakfast and dinner and it was so good. Best thing: everything is vegan and gluten free. We tried the avocado toast (yum), the açaí bowl (very good), a salad and the mushroom taco’s. Definitely worth the visit.

Rainbow burgers

Vegan burgers, with vegan cheese and sweet potato fries: this is the place to be. One thing: they use single use plastic cutlery. Hopefully this will change in the future.

Michel Angelo

In Old Jaffa you will find this typical Israeli restaurant. Expect fine tasting hummus, tahini and lots of other local dishes. Everything is vegan!


Perfect for take away açaí bowls and smoothies. Again: only single use plastic here. So bring your own bowl and cup, please.


Fruit lovers: don’t miss Bamboo in Old Jaffa. They serve smoothie bowls, smoothies and on Fridays and Saturdays they have coconut ice-cream. Again: lots of single use plastic, so bring your own stuff.

Where to stay

We stayed in a hotel near the beach at the Ben Yehuda street: perfect location, but the place wasn’t everything and located in a basement (so: very dark). The locals advised us to, next time, book an AirBnB.


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